ADE’s access system provide operators and maintenance personnel with a safer method of accessing operator cabs and service points on high standing equipment. ADE offers solutions for a wide range of equipment, with all its products designed to meet the relevant Australian Standards.

All Electric Access System: 2015 Model Release

Electric Access System

The new ADE all electric access system is a step ladder access design that can be fitted to most mining, earthmoving and rail equipment. Requiring no hydraulic power pack for operation means a very competitively priced access system solution.

The all electric access system can be fitted to mobile equipment requiring a powered folding step ladder-type access solution, including:

Simplified Hydraulic Access System: 2015 Model Release

Hydraulic Access System
Hydraulic Access System

For off-highway trucks that require a folding stairway access design, the newly released ADE simplified hydraulic access system offers a competitively priced stand-alone hydraulic solution at a fraction of the cost. The economical hydraulic setup uses fewer components than conventional hydraulic access systems whilst still retaining the benefits of a stand-alone access system.

ADE has a diverse range of access systems in its catalogue to cater for the different types of mobile equipment.

Access system features:

Access systems to suit:

Compliance & Risk Management

Access Systems with stairs

ADE Design AS1657-2013 Requirement AS3868-1991 Requirement
Stairways are 600 mm wide measured between the styles. Clause 7.2.1
Not less than 600 mm wide measured between the styles.
Clause 3.4
Stairways should comply with the requirements of AS1657.
Folding handrails that are continuous for the length of the stairway. Clause 7.2.6
Handrails shall be continuous between landings.

Handrail /guardrail height are 1000 mm high. Clause 5.6.2
Handrails not less than 900 mm high or greater than 1100 mm high.

Guardrail not less than 900 mm high.
Clause 4.2
Handrail required to be minimum 900 mm height.

Clause 5.2
Guardrail required to be between 1000 mm and 1100 mm height.

Access Systems with step ladders

ADE Design AS1657-2013 Requirement AS3868-1991 Requirement
Step ladders are 450mm wide measured between the styles. Clause 7.3.1
Not less than 450mm wide or greater than 750mm wide measured between the styles.
Clause 3.2.5
Requires 400mm step width.
Handrail height meets the AS1657 requirement. Clause 7.3.4
Require that the perpendicular distance between the handrail and the nosing line shall be min 150mm and max 200mm.
Clause 4.2
Handrail required to be minimum 900 mm height. This requirement places the handrail at least 300mm from the nosing line when measured as per the AS1657 requirement.

The simple electrical design of ADE access systems use a series of switches and relays. The electrical circuit is field-serviceable using the provided wiring diagram. All electrical components can be sourced through general electrical stores.

Dead-man operator controls are a standard feature on all ADE access systems. The operator uses a push button switch to deploy or stow the access system and can stop the ladder movement at any time by releasing the button. The operator remains in full control of the access system at all times. Access systems with automatic raise and lower functions have been known to cause injury, with occurrences as recently as 2014*.

* NSW Government Trade and Investment, Mine Safety Alert SA14-05, Mine worker injured after falling from grader access ladder, 20 November 2014.