Utilising proven technology used by the Queensland Police Service and Department of Transport and Main Roads for sealed roads; RoadSafety Training Services (RTS) developed a world first quantitative method of measuring and classifying road friction performance in the mining industry. Under the guidance of RTS, ADE offer friction auditing and training programs to mining customers.

Road Friction Analysis

Road Friction   Road Friction

Quantitative Analysis to Improve Water Truck Performance

Variable, ineffective and inefficient water application on haul roads is ubiquitous in the mining industry. Competent water truck fleet assessment is a precursor to a targeted water delivery improvement program .

Training Programs

The proprietary generic training sessions to enable proficient use of the portable Vericom LLC instruments in the mining industry road environment is a timely and cost efficient 2-3 hours’ duration. Additional Training packages can be tailored to suit individual client requirements

Mine Haul Road Consulting