ADE Spray

The ADE water truck spray control system, ADE Spray, can consistently spray a specific rate of water onto the ground, regardless of ground speed, to effectively and efficiently control airborne dust. The superior control of water applies to low speeds, such as on ramps, and at typical haul speeds experienced on flat haul roads.

Optimal water application is achieved by managing the risks of overwatering and underwatering.

This impressive control of water output can prevent underwatering normally resulting in increased fugitive dust emissions. Additionally, sufficient road friction can be maintained by preventing overwatering at high hazard locations.

By measuring road friction and determining the maximum safe water coverage rate, water truck operators can easily input this rate into the spray system controls decreasing the risk of an unplanned movement for mobile equipment.

ADE Spray Premium   ADE Spray Premium   ADE Spray Premium


Spraying at a measured rate, everyone speaks the same language. It’s now a team sport and everyone can share, learn and improve.


The operator sets the amount of water to be sprayed onto the road. Water is consistently applied.


The water trucks primary purpose is to stop the dust, operators can safely apply more water to more of the mine, with Multiport spray head technology.


On board data logging is standard or upgrade to real-time remote monitoring to track all aspects of water truck operations.


Monitor, report and improve operations with new data to reduce costs.

Optimising water truck operations requires superior control of water and will improve the operating environment for those in the pit and in the workshop.